Surviving COVID 19 in 2020

Today is day 10 of my experiences with COVID 19. It’s time for me to reflect on the last 10 days and help you and your family get through an out break in your household. This is my account and I am not a doctor. However, I did receive much love and support from many highly qualified, educated people.

The symptoms I experienced Day 1 – 3 .

Scratchy throat – body aches – headache – no temperature / fever – loss of appetite and no smell or taste. Soft BM’s – I’m sorry probably too much information.

Took rapid test but came back negative – waited on swab test – it came back positive on Day 3. Family got tested on Day 3 – tests came back negative on day 7.

Symptoms Day 4- 6

Scratchy throat – cough – body aches – headache – terrible night sweats – no temperature or fever

Symptoms Day 7-8

Extreme fatigue – shortness of breath – night sweats – shallow cough – chest pains – this is the day I questioned whether I needed to call the doctors or go straight to the ER. It was very scary for me. I have never experienced a panic attack before and I do not want to experience the feeling of not being able to control my breathing again.

Symptoms – Day 10

Night sweats have gone – thank goodness – tiredness – turned a corner – feel better – 6 pound weight loss.

So what’s the deal?

Expect to be isolated to a room with access to a bathroom that can not be shared with others. If you do not have a sperate restroom be prepared to clean the rest room after every use. You will be spending 10 days in this room so therefore make sure you have access to the following:

Somewhere to sit outside of your bed. It is very important to get up and move around and not just be laid out on your back. Making sure that your lungs do not fill up with fluid and give you early on set of Pneumonia. Lie on your stomach too. This doctor in this video really helped me learn to breath through the chest tightness.

This breathing technique really helped me on day 7 – 10.

If you can mask up and get outside that will also help your mood and breathing. I didn’t do this early enough. Should have done this every day.

Thermometer – you will be taking your temperature every 2 – 3 hours. If it goes above 100 call your doctor.

An oximeter – vital to check your blood oxygen. If it goes below 93 you need to consult a doctor.

Its a good idea to take a teaspoon of Manuka honey in hot water and lemon a couple of times a day – this helps with opening up your air ways and tightness in the chest.

Something to cheer you up. πŸ™‚ Not that you have much of an appetite but some nice treats lying around does help.

Talk to your doctor about what pain medication you can take. I took Tylenol PM at night and regular Tylenol in the day. Vitamin C, D and a probiotic is a must.

Gatorade, water, Pedialyte pops – you will be sweating a lot – especially at night so you will need to replenish that water. So please make sure you have a lot of options available. I also enjoyed Kombucha even though I couldn’t taste it much. The cold bubbles really helped.

My friends and family have been incredible. From helping my daughter celebrate her 13th birthday in Quarantine to the daily delivery of baked goods, fruit salads, smoothies, home made soups and Starbucks. Please allow your friends to support you. You will need all the help you can get.

While in isolation your family can only come into your room to deliver food and water. They must wear a mask and gloves and must wipe down with Clorox wipes everything that comes into the room and comes out of the room. They can not remain in the room for more than a few minutes. Try and keep air circulating in the room with a fan and keep windows open if the temperature will allow. The worst is not being able to hug or even hold your loved ones hands. This situation is very lonely so make sure you connect with people via facetime during meals and downtime in the house. Watching my daughter open her gifts on her 13th birthday and eating with them via zoom at dinner had to be done just to help keep my spirits up.

Other things to consider……

It is a good idea to log everything on a regular basis so that if you do need to see a doctor or Hospital you have some base line data to share with them.

You will get a call from a Contact Tracer asking where you have been 14 days prior to you getting ill. Be prepared with a timeline. My list was not that extensive. Highlights were HITT Quarters gym, Panera Bread, the dentist, Kroger, charlottes house, Dessert Oasis, Covert Campground (self contained though) and the Barge in Saugatuck. That was it. I think I got a A- rating. πŸ™‚

Your family also need to monitor their symptoms and temperature to make sure that they have not been exposed. The Oakland County nurse will expect you to report any changes to their condition

Keep all pets away from you.

Bottom line:

In the past when you were ill you just got on with it. It hardly impacted anyone and you were able to be back to normal.

This virus is relentless. A shame is poured over you and your family because everyone assumes that you must have been out partying or not wearing your mask in public. It immediately impacts the people that you have been around 14 days prior to you getting sick. Your friends and loved ones are then told to monitor their own symptoms, quarantine at home for 14 days and get tested. Your work place becomes involved and then a litany of questionnaires are filled in and follow up phone calls from the Oakland county health division, are made. If like me you are a teacher, lesson plans need to be prepared and emails with new attendance procedures created. Your phone will blow up with people empathizing and sympathizing with you and wanting to help out. Your porch will look like Christmas has come early and your house will look like a bomb has hit it because of the piles of washing and meal planning that is needed to take care of a family in quarantine. And remember do not pet the dog! We are not sure if COVID can transmit to them. So with that said. You will get through it and according to the CDC you will have immunity for 90 days. Yippee! So please take it easy, sleep lots, keep hydrated and ask for help if you need it.

I do hope this has been helpful. Please share.

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